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Discover the fastest and most secure way to share your files. No matter the size, no matter the number of recipients:
Keplair makes it easy for you to collaborate.

Share voluminous files

Transfer for free up to 5GB of documents at once: Photos, PDF, archives in seconds!

Temporary transfers

Transferred files have a maximum duration of 7 days by default. After the time expires, your documents are automatically deleted from our servers.

Work effectively

How to share a presentation to an audience of 300 people or 5 people? Just give them the 3 words associated with your file.

Exchange quickly

All the actions you perform on Keplair are in real time for you and your recipients.

Data Protection

Your documents are encrypted and stored in Europe. Only you and your recipients have access to this content.

Security without compromises

Protected from attacks, your transferred documents are always safe: several thousands of billions of word combinations, anti brute force system...

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